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Living in Bergeijk, 107 km2 of  green surroundings and a warm welcome.

Peaceful and quiet…On an annual basis more than a million tourists visit Bergeijk to find this. Once you have been here, Bergeijk will always have a special place in your hart. That is the reason that for most of these tourists it is not a once in a lifetime trip to Bergeijk. No, they visit us frequently. Some even to live here.

But not only tourists have discovered Bergeijk, also expats and Dutch that work in Veldhoven or Eindhoven, choose to live here.

Who can blame them? Wouldn’t you like to escape the city to enjoy time with your family in a beautiful small town with all facilities, nature literally in your back yard. And a beautiful house for less money than in Eindhoven? Compared to big sister Eindhoven, you get great value for money in Bergeijk. And when you have to go to work…the accessibility by road to the Brainport region is excellent. Bergeijk is 20 kilometers south from Eindhoven, right at the Belgium border.

Bergeijk has it’s own Theater, De Kattendans. Although small, it’s a very special and cozy theater, with only 300 seats. Big Dutch artists love to perform in Bergeijk. Bergeijk consists of 6 communities, each one with it’s own facilities: shops, schools, sports, playing areas and we have one library. And of course nature… we are very proud of our green forests, lakes and wildlife: 107 km2.

We are also proud that Gerrit Rietveld, the famous Dutch designer used to live and work in Bergeijk in the sixties. His inheritance is still here and our inhabitans are very art- and design minded. Please, do come and visit our Ploeg Park and you will understand.



In the town centre there is a shopping quarter where you will find everything you need or want. Here you also find pubs and restaurants and the tourists information centre.


You find 9 primary schools in Bergeijk, so always near to your house. Most of them also have a nursery, so your children will have daycare from 0 to 12 years old. Secondary schools you find in Valkenswaard and Eersel, within cycling distance.

Sport & Play

90% of the children in Bergeijk have a membership to one or more sports clubs. Each of our six communities has several sports-, music- or theatre groups you can join. Not only for children, also for adults! It’s a great way to get to know the locals. We’ve said it before; Bergeijk is very green. Outdoorsports are well represented in Bergeijk. Cycling, (Nordic) Walking, running… you name it there is a club in Bergeijk to join! You can even ski! But that’s  indoors.


In the towncentre there is a nursinghouse for the elderly. Furthermore, all communities have facilities and houses for old and/or handicapped people. All communities have a doctor and a pharmacy.


Bus nr. 18/318 brings you fast from Eindhoven to Luyksgestel, via Bergeijk. We also have an organization called ‘Buurtbus”, which exploits busline 272 (de Weebosch/Lommel (Belgium)) and 276 (Achel (Belgium)/Valkenswaard). The nearest train station you find in Eindhoven.


In the towncentre you find our theater, De Kattendans (this means: dance of cats) and our library.

Bergeijk in numbers:

  • 18.000 inhabitants
  • 107 square kilometers (27,54 km2 nature/forest, 0,7 km2 water)
  • Bergeijk was formed to one council in 1997 and consists of the following communities, formerly independent town councils: Bergeyk, Luyksgestel, Riethoven and Westerhoven. Nowadays we speak of 6 communities: Bergeijk ‘t Hof, ‘t Loo, de Weebosch, Luyksgestel, Riethoven and Westerhoven.
  • Tourism is still growing.
  • The town is well known in the Netherlands for it’s splendid nature
  • Bergeijk is situated close to the A67, which gives you access to the rest of the Netherlands as well to Antwerp (Belgium).