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  • Waterzuivering

    Water treatment

    Constructed wetland

    The Keersop has a very high water quality. In order to keep it that way, the Bergeijk sewer system must meet strict requirements. It discharges wastewater and rainwater to the sewage treatment plant in Eindhoven.

  • Beekdallandschap

    Kempen stream valleys

    From swamp forest to lush man-made landscape

    Several streams and rivers run through the Kempen region, including Dommel, Tongelreep, Beerze, Run, Gender, and Keersop. Until approximately 1900, the stream valleys were part of a small-scale landscape that had evolved from long stretches of swamp forests. Man started cultivating these surroundings in the twelfth century already, and that’s how the area slowly changed into a scenic landscape with a very diverse plant and animal life.

  • Watermolen

    A medieval water mill


    Near the castle, there used to be a path named Molendijk (mill-dam). The path led to a water mill at the Keersop river. The old plot name Meulenbroek (mill-brook) still reminds us of the existence of a water mill.
    The invention of the water wheel is one of the great technical developments in the history of mankind. The hydropower generated mechanical energy. In the Kempen region people started using water mills around the twelfth century, for grinding grain for example. The earliest mention of the Bergeijk water mill dates back to 1331.

  • Luchtkasteel

    Bergeijk Castle

    You are now at the spot where Bergeijk Castle once stood. The earthbank still outlines the moat that used to be here.